Moscow Funeral Guide

During our encounters with funeral directors in Europe and the US we found out that many of them have quite a vague idea about how funerals are organized in Russia (they are organized much the same way in Belarus and the Ukraine). So it’s high time to fill this blank page and write a short review about what a modern Russian funeral looks like.

обновлено 13.06.2016

ZAO RITUAL Funeral Enterprise offers cooperation for funeral homes and consulates/embassies all over the world for the professional transportation of decedents from Russia and to Russia.


Every year sees thousands of foreign guests coming to Moscow and the Moscow region for education, business and travel purposes. In the unfortunate event of death the family needs to promptly transport the decedent to his country of residence.


The Moscow Funeral Guide gives a summary of the current developments concerning the death care and funeral business in Russia.


The Moscow Funeral Guide gives an outline of the decedent international transportation procedure and provides a summary of the immediate measures to be taken.